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Speedhack 2015

Posted by Matthew Leverton on June 20, 4:15 PM UTC

The 2015 SpeedHack begins on Friday the 26th of June at noon UTC. Register now if you plan on participating!

Also, add your original rules to the Rule-O-Matic, and be sure to vote on any existing ones.

And the winner is...

Posted by Matthew Leverton on June 19, 3:15 AM UTC

Take a look at the results to see who were the winners of the 2014 SpeedHack!

Place your Votes

Posted by Matthew Leverton on June 2, 2:30 AM UTC

If you participated in the competition, go ahead and vote for the winners! Voting will remain open for at least one week.

SpeedHack 2014

Posted by Matthew Leverton on May 21, 2:00 AM UTC

It's been a while, but SpeedHack is back! The 2014 competition begins this weekend, on Friday, May 23rd at noon UTC. Like always, it runs for three days.

If you have any questions, ask at the forums on

The Winners are...

Posted by Matthew Leverton on August 8, 4:55 AM UTC

The votes have been tallied and the winners have been determined.

Check out the results page to see who won!


Posted by Matthew Leverton on August 1, 7:30 AM UTC

Voting has been open for a week and will remain open until Friday. Everybody who participated is eligible to vote. If you submitted a game, you must vote in order to qualify as a first place winner in any of the categories. At minimum, you must vote for your favorite three games in the "Best Overall" category.

Place your votes at the voting page.

Binary Packages

Posted by Matthew Leverton on July 26, 4:30 AM UTC

There are binary+source packages available for Windows and Linux on the entrants page. These contain some minor fixes necessary for compiling with gcc.

It's Over!

Posted by Matthew Leverton on July 25, 12:00 PM UTC

Hopefully your SpeedHack has been a success! Uploads are closed, but blogs will remain open for a few days in case you need to point out any bug fixes. You can check out all the games on the entrants page.

The next step will be the voting. Each person who participated will be able to rank his top 5 games in four different categories. Check back later for more details.

SpeedHack 2011

Posted by Matthew Leverton on July 21, 10:00 PM UTC

The competition begins in around twelve hours! Keep your eye on the clock on this site for the official time.

The rules are in place and ready to go. Once the competition goes live, be sure to take your time to thoroughly review them. They may have been modified slightly from the exact wording you may be used to from previous Rule-O-Matic spins. The competition is meant to be fun... There's usually a clever and interesting way to implement the rules such that they don't even get in your way.

As always, there is a 250KB limit on your entry. Plan for that! However, this year, you may optionally include up to 10MB in "bonus" material. You can also plan for that if you'd like. But that base 250KB entry must be a self-contained, fully playable game that follows all the rules.

During the competition, please update us with your progress via the blogs on this site. This year there might just be a special rule that may require you to check what other people are doing... Also, you may find people on #allegro in Freenode, the website, or even in Google+ Hangouts.

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